Zulhijjah in Yemen

Qurban Distribution Yemen
  1. QURBAN 2020/1441 (completed)
  2. FOOD AID (ongoing)

Jazakumullahu khayra to all kindhearted donors who have reached out and shared Qurbani meat and food aid to nourish fakir miskeen and orphans in Sana’a, Rima, Hodeida and Hajah in Yemen. 867 families benefited!

Alhamdulilah. ? Our food aid distribution is an on-going program InsyaAllah and the next distribution will be to prepare these needy families for winter in October.

? DONATION is open now and we hope we can send the aid (food, blanket, medicine) by early October InsyaAllah. Kindly support this effort.?

Please donate below:

DONATE TO: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Little Steps

Maybank Account #: 568621006814

Label Transfer : YFoodaid20

May Allah accept everyone’s good deeds and give ease for us to continue spreading khayr far and wide. Ameen ?? We are fundraising for our partner NGO Hope Spring Foundation who will be executing the campaign.

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