Only in the darkness can you see the stars. - Martin Luther King Jr

Sponsor an Orphan

Countless children have been orphaned and their mothers left without the ability to take care of neither themselves nor their children. In some cases, members of the family require medical care and medicines as well.

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Yemen WinterAid Campaign

The winters in Yemen are particularly harsh especially when you are in a war-torn country. With poor infrastructure and an ever so increasing amount of people rendered homeless by the brutal ongoing war, the people of Yemen need your help more than ever.

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Yemen Medicare Campaign

Help us relieve their pain and suffering. We have formed a medical team consisting of medical professionals from Yemen who will go from home to home searching for those in need of medical aid. So far we have managed to provide them with wheelchairs and funds for surgical procedures.

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Yemen Qurban Campaign

These people can forget about eating meat, or even chicken, as finding a roof over their head is a momentous task. A young Yemeni girl was interviewed and she mentioned that the last time she had meat was years ago. When was the last time you had meat?

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