Somali Community School

The best of charity is when a Muslim man gains knowledge, then he teaches it to his Muslim brother.

Prophet Muhammad

They fled from their homeland to save their own lives and their families, they are part of Malaysia's large migrant population. Under the tireless work by Brother Farey, the Somali Community School (SCS) has been running since 2011 with a start of students of 14 to currently almost 200.

They have subjects ranging from Arabic, Quran, Maths, English to Biology. Most of the teachers are dedicated volunteers from the Somali Community but require a monthly allowance for their own survival. Many of the children are victims of violence and gross violations of children’s rights. SCS hopes to continuously educate them and with His blessings, InsyaAllah identify the students who are able to pursue a tertiary education to break this vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

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