Online Business Training

Never shall you attained righteousness unless you spend out of what you love.

Ali-Imran 3:92

Alhamdulillah we at Little Steps are proud to announce the success of the Online business Training Project that we assisted the YES team with. The graduating class finished with flying colours ready to face the business challenges of these times.

They are now ready to face the upcoming challenges they will endure in their goal to give back to their community. They are ready to help those in need, through emergency situations, health problems, and to raise awareness of current issues plaguing communities.

A brief background on the project, YES Teams; Online Business Training project was founded with a vision to help children to have a stable educational system. Build out their soft skills and take them out of their comfort zone.

Their mission of improving the quality of education for refugees by raising funds and helping find scholarship opportunities is one that we strongly support. They are committed to giving relevant and practical skills to the our youth.

The youth who participated in this project were training in several of the categories below, both in theory and pratice:

Basics of Business Education (Theoretical):

  • Intro to Business online/ b2b
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Intro to Economics (Micro & Macro)
  • Branding
  • Target group (consumer)
  • Management
  • Pricing

Online Business Workshop (Practical):

  • What is an online business (online store)
  • Pricing & Packaging
  • photography (product pictures)
  • Content making via social media (marketing Purpose)
  • Editing (using apps and websites)
  • Customer targets
  • Closing ceremony

We would like to extend our gratitude to the wonderful trainers that took part in this project, Ms Najma Hassan and Mr Saboro Sharaf. May Allah the almighty reward those involved handsomely.

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